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Here’s a QuickStart for this site: The column on the left lists the industries which I believe comprise publishing today. Below that are some of the influences that are changing publishing, and the impact of those changes. Click on a topic, whether it’s your sector or just a topic that interests you, and you’ll begin […]


Mobile Strategies for Digital Publishing

A Practical Guide to the Evolving Landscape

By Thad McIlroy

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The Metadata Handbook

A book publisher's guide to creating and distributing metadata for print and ebooks

By Renée Register & Thad McIlroy

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  • A May 26 Wall Street Journal article is headlined “Mobile Isn’t Killing the Desktop Internet.” With such an inflammatory title it’s of course one of the top trending stories. The article’s author, Jack Marshall, boldly states that “the share of overall consumption coming from mobile devices is growing, but desktop web usage isn’t dropping. In fact, it might […]

  • The book publishing industry adheres to more than a dozen standards. Among them are: Barcoding Best Practices for the US Book Industry (incl. Bookland EAN) BISAC (U.S.) & BIC (U.K.) EDI EDUPUB ISBN ONIX PDF THEMA XBITS (papiNet) There are also unofficial specifications, such as book trim sizes (different for the U.S. and the U.K.), that are so […]

  • I’m thinking about complex industries. I’m thinking of… Pharmaceuticals (you might check out 23andMe, “a personalized DNA service”) The design and launch of high-tech products (the intriguing Apple Watch) Aerospace (think Airbus A350 XWB) Launching a new car company (think Tesla) Telecommunications (“rewiring” the Internet to reconfigure performance)

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